Chen Geffen Shalev Chen Geffen Shalev
Thank you guys for getting here. Shall we continue with the example? 
(Reminder - An employee goes to work everyday thinks for himself: "I don't want to train new employees. It's boring.")
The employee has a chance - he has a weekly meeting with his boss. Will he take advantage of it?
He probably feels insecurity and dissatisfaction. He wants to work on more fun and challenging projects. 
He wants his boss to show him his appreciation. 
He wants to say what is bothering him.
So many things go through his mind consciously and unconsciously.
I believe there is a solution for this problem. Something to navigate the thoughts in a way that can frame the problem and help one to find alternative solutions.
I'm sure you've already thought about a possible solution. It is easy when it's not your problem. Suddenly your imagination is not limited.
But what about you? Do you have any challenging conversation you can think of? 
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