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The Narrative Big Five Assessment Certification
The Narrative Big Five Assessment is a powerful personality tool used in hiring and succession planning, leadership development, team building, diversity, conflict management, and more.

Every participant will receive...

  • A complete personal Narrative Big Five Report
  • The Narrative Big Five Technical Manual
  • The Narrative Big Five Facilitator’s Guide
  • A Team Building powerpoint presentation with bullet point script per slide


  • Two Half Day Sessions (approximately 8 hours) plus
  • 3 Practice Sessions with your program leader
Online certification programs are available in the late Fall of 2019.

Program Objectives


This intensive program was designed to prepare coaches and trainers to use the Narrative Big Five Assessment. You will:

  • Understand your own and learn to interpret others’ results.
  • Learn about the history and relevance of the Big Five model.
  • Receive relevant psychometrics, including validity, reliability, coefficient alpha, and social desirability issues.
  • Discuss applications for coaching, relationship building, team, leadership development, and selection.
  • Connect personality to individual and leadership engagement
  • Discuss the ethics of personality testing
  • Practice interpretation with your leader (3 sessions)
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